It is possible that the water in your home is discolored because of an error at your local wastewater management plant, but it is more likely that you have a plumbing issue you must address. This article explains three reasons why your water may be discolored, and you must contact a plumber for help with this problem before it gets out of control. Drinking or using discolored is dangerous, unwise and potentially hazardous to your house.

#1: Faulty Pipes

The pipes in your home may be made from a material that is no longer deemed safe for homes. The pipes may leech metal that gets into the water, and the water will come out of the tap discolored. You expect your water to be clear, and discolored water that is cause by your pipes is a major problem you must avoid. You must call a plumber to check your pipes, replace your pipes or send a cleaning agent through the pipes for your safety.

#2: Faulty Filters

The filtration system in your home may be damaged, and many of the items that were collected by the system will find their way back into your water. Your filters must be cleaned immediately, and you should not attempt to change the filters until a plumber visits your home. You may have a serious problem with your water filters that requires several hours to fix. Do not continue using your water until the plumber checks the filters.

#3: Sewage Backup

There are instances when sewage backups in the area will discolor your water. You cannot control the sewage backups, but you must call a plumber to flush out your system. You must not wait for the local water authority to handle the problem, and you need a specialist to clean up the plumbing system in your house. This process could take several hours, but a thorough cleaning is the only thing that will keep your family safe.

Discolored water in your home could result for a number of problems that you must attack head-on, and each problem must be addressed by a professional plumber. You can resolve the problems with your water on your own, and you must not assume that the problem will go away. The water in your house helps nourish your family, and it makes its way into every fixture. Your home will be contaminated if you are not mindful to resolve this issue today.