Water Heater Installation & Repair Services

Are you experiencing trouble with your water heater? Whether you need assistance installing or repairing your unit, look no further than VanGo Rooter.

Your water heater is one of the hardest working appliances in your home. This is why it requires maintenance and sometimes repairs during the year. At VanGo Rooter, we have a team of experienced plumbers who can help to maintain your water heater so that it works as efficiently as possible all year long. Our technicians can repair the largest problems and install a new unit when necessary. Count on us for exceptional water heater installation and repair services. Your 100% satisfaction is our guarantee and goal!

What causes water heater problems?

Many of the water heater problems we see are caused by a lack of maintenance. You should contact us for maintenance twice every year to keep the unit working correctly. A lack of maintenance could cause your water heater to malfunction and break down fast. Another common cause of problems is due to sediment. Minerals and debris can collect in your tank coating the walls and wearing away important parts. Corrosion can be a major cause of problems. The tank itself or other components can start to corrode because of leaks. A final cause of problems is improper sizing. An undersized water heater will have to work harder than normal, which can damage the unit over time.

This question is hard to answer. A typical water heater today is meant to last roughly between 10 and 15 years. If the unit does not receive regular maintenance, then it might last for only 5 to 8 years. If the water heater is too small for your household, then you could see an even shorter lifespan. Certain brands of water heaters that include special components and unusually strong construction could last for up to 20 years. The problem is that the efficiency of the heater will degrade over time. You generally want to think about getting a new unit after 10 to 15 years.​

You probably do not need to replace your unit if you have just a few problems every couple of years. It is common to have issues with the thermostat or ignition system on occasion. You want to think about replacement if you are dealing with multiple problems each year. Another thing to consider is cost. Many repairs we perform are inexpensive and can keep your unit operating for a long time. If repairs are more than half the price of a new unit, then consider replacing it. Finally, if your water heater is less than 10 years old and has not been a problem in the past, then you will want to call us for repairs.​

The key to avoiding problems in the future is to call our service to perform maintenance at least two times each year. We will examine every part of the unit, tune the performance, and make any necessary repairs. This will keep the water heater working like new. Another way is to regularly examine the unit looking for leaks or listening for strange noises. Call us right away when you notice inconsistent performance or problems around the water heater. A final way to avoid problems in the future is to use the water heater exactly as the manufacturer intended. Do not make modifications or misuse the water heater.

Tankless Water Heater Repair & Installation

Is your tankless water heater giving you trouble? For top-of-the-line installation and repair services, call VanGo Rooter

Are you considering getting a tankless water heater installed in your home? Perhaps, your old water heater has given you trouble and it’s time for a newer, smarter investment. A tankless system is an attractive alternative to a traditional storage tank heater and can provide multiple advantages over a long period of time. VanGo Rooter can install a new tankless water heater for you in no time. Rely on us for first-rate tankless water heater installation and repair services. You can expect long term solutions guaranteed to leave you 100% satisfied.

What are the advantages of a tankless water heater?

How long does a tankless water heater last?

A new tankless water heater has a life expectancy of about 20 years, practically doubling the lifespan of a storage tank water heater, which will typically last between 6 and 12 years. For over 2 decades, you’ll see the return on your investment in energy costs.

Are they ideal for larger or smaller households?

One drawback of a tankless water heater is that is can only provide a few gallons at a time that will have to be divided over several applications. This could be a problem for a larger family if you tend to take showers, wash your dishes, and do your laundry all at the same time. Therefore, a tankless water heater is ideal for smaller households where space is limited.

Water Filtration System Installation & Repair Services

Every home deserves fresh, clean water. For assistance with installing or repairing your water filtration system, call VanGo Rooter

The water running through your tap is, more or less, safe to consume. This, however, does not mean it is not going to cause potential problems with your plumbing system, quality of hair and skin, or even digestive problems. Every water source has a different makeup of minerals running through the plumbing system. In order to remove these sorts of minerals and other particles in the water that is allowed by the government, you need to utilize the services of a water filtration system.

Trust VanGo Rooter to handle your water filtration system installation and repair services. We have a team of certified, licensed, and insured plumbers ready to diagnose and remedy water filtration issues of all severities. Schedule your consultation with us today.

A water filtration system is a device that can remove the additional minerals, chemicals, and other byproducts inside of your water system. Calcium, iron, and other minerals that might sound fine on the surface can often be found in the water. However, these minerals are going to cause all sorts of damage to the internal plumbing of your home. A slow yet steady build up of the minerals can lead to leaks or inferior water flow. Beyond this, the minerals such as sodium can dry out your skin and zap the life out of your hair. With a water filtration system, it removes all of these minerals, chemicals, and other materials in the water. This way, your skin can remain radiant, your hair full of life, and you do not need to worry about what is in you water when you are drinking it.​

There are many different signs that point to you needing to repair your home water system or that there is a drastic need for the water filtration system to be installed. First, have you noticed a white, almost chalky buildup around the shower head in your bathroom? It might appear as if there is a white substance stuck to the shower head, but it is not any sort of soap mildew. This is the sodium, calcium, and other minerals building up on the shower through the access point. Beyond this, does your skin feel dry after a shower or your hair limp? This comes from the additional minerals found in the water. Beyond this, you might smell like chlorine after your shower, as well. Plumbing wise, you can see the white, chalky material and even greenish and brownish tints around the joints of plumbing running through your basement or other areas of the house. When this happens, it is time to repair the system and use a water filtration system.​

First off, you need to make sure the filter is replaced when necessary. There is an indicator on the filtration equipment that alerts you of when it needs to be replaced. If it is not replaced soon enough, it is no longer going to absorb the excess minerals, which in turn results in it passing through and into your water. If the water is leaking anywhere, check the connection points where the water is entering the filtration system and exiting. Make sure everything is tight. Also, make sure to clean out the canister that houses the cartridges. Some of the cartridge elements can detach and start to corrode the canister. Lastly, make sure to lubricate the canister’s o-ring with a silicone grease in order to prevent it from drying out.​

Water Softener System Installation & Repair

Are you looking for ways to avoid the effects of hard water?

Contact VanGo Rooter and we will help you find and install the perfect whole house water softening system. If you are thinking of installing a new water softening system in your home, you are in the right place. VanGo Rooter is dedicated to your complete peace of mind. We provide quality water softener installations and repairs that guarantee long term efficiency so you can enjoy clean water for years to come.

What are the benefits of water softeners?

Start enjoying greater convenience with a new whole house water softener:

If you are tired of dealing with the effects of hard water—including spotty dishes, scale buildup on faucets and fixtures, dull looking clothes out of the laundry, and foul smelling and tasting water—call VanGo Rooter for immediate help. We will assess your home’s needs and recommend the ideal water softening system. The right product should complement the size of your household and your regular water needs. Make sure you receive the results you are looking for with help from our team.

How often is maintenance required?

Rock salt must be added to the water softening system at least every eight weeks, depending on how much the system is used. Most systems feature a light that will let you know when it is running low on salt. We also recommend annual inspection and cleaning.