Video Camera Pipe Inspection

Suspect a problem in your sewer line? We will get to the source of the problem with professional video camera inspections.

Diagnosing a drain or sewer line problem involves a closer look at the interior piping. Cutting or breaking through pipes can be expensive and impractical. With modern video equipment, we are able to carry out non-destructive inspections to check inside the affected pipe. Our video camera inspection will accurately identify the problem within your pipeline. This allows us to determine the best course of action to take in terms of repairing or replacing the affected line.

VanGo Rooter is your reliable plumber dedicated to delivering top notch solutions that guarantee your long term peace of mind. Contact us for immediate video camera inspection services to get to the bottom of your plumbing problem.

Professional video pipe inspections help us understand the problem in your drain or sewer line at a more in-depth level without having to completely excavate or replace pipes (which is time-consuming and costly).

Repiping Services

Unsure if your home needs repiping services?

Over time, the plumbing inside of your home is no longer going to function as it should. This is especially true if you have purchased an older home using copper plumbing. The metal plumbing is going to deteriorate. This could lead to the potential need for a repiping.

VanGo Rooter will help you remove the pipes inside of your home and replace it with new, quality piping. All of this should drastically make several improvements to your house, not to mention help you avoid potential disaster with the current plumbing in place. Count on our professional team to handle your repiping project in Sacramento.

When should you repipe vs. repair your pipes?

A common question we receive is when you should repipe instead of repair. We can come and inspect your pipes in order to determine if you need to repipe the entire house. You might just have an individual problem, in which case you are better off just having the individual pipe replaced. However, if the plumbing is dated and starting to deteriorate, there is a good chance that it is necessary to repipe the entire home. The last thing you want is to have professionals come out and continually perform repair jobs on your plumbing. This is just far too expensive, not to mention you are always at risk of possible flooding and expensive damage. We can inform you of the state of your pipes and what the best course of action is.

What are the signs you need to repipe?

First off, you need to look at the age of the piping. You can tell right away how old the piping is. Of course, age does not necessarily mean you need it repiped right away. If you notice the pipes are starting to turn colors around joints and there is a strange white, green or brown substance, it means the collection of minerals on the pipes are starting to deteriorate through the plumbing and you never really know when a leak might start. It could be years away or it could happen tomorrow. Look over the plumbing and see if it looks like this throughout. If the plumbing around the house is all the same age, chances are you need to have it repiped. Another sign is you have needed a plumber to come in to fix leaks and damaged pipes several times in the last few years. Our professional plumbers and thoroughly inspect your pipes and advise you if a repiping is necessary.