Choosing a New Water Heater

Sacramento Water HeatersThese days searching for a new water heater is no conundrum. If we open the book of common sense and take a peek at water heaters it‘s the old guy verses the relatively new kid on the block. And your choice may boil down (get it?) to cost, using more water than you need in a hurry, energy efficiency, and storage.Of course, you can always flip a coin and let the answer make the decision for you. What we’re talking about here folks, is the regular tank model or a tankless water heater. That said, let’s see what the book of common sense has to say:

Your Plumbing Company Can Make Two Suggestions!

Yes, it might just depend on what your water requirements are in terms of family members or not. Although a regular tank water heater can be used in any type of home or business, the same can’t be said about the tankless model. But where the tankless is located could make the difference in what your monthly bill will look like. That said, let’s dig a bit deeper in the difference between the two water heaters.


Factors To Know In Choosing A New Water Heater!

Tank Water Heaters:

These types will usually present a larger cost to run since they constantly need to fill-up at a predefined temp. Here’s an example. Each time somebody in the home or business turns on the tap word HOT, the tank is filled with cold water from the main water supply. Then it needs to be refilled again and again and again. Regular tank heaters (the old guy) are quite popular, and come in all sizes. Usually, no major maintenance is required.


Tankless Water Heaters:

This type (new kid) has no tank to store hot water because there is NO tank, and the unit is much smaller in size. Meaning it can be placed in smaller areas; even mounted on a wall. Since this heater doesn’t constantly keep a tank full of hot water, it heats on demand subsequently reducing the cost of your water bill each month. If there is any downside, tankless water heaters can’t provide enough hot water for larger homes and families.Sacramento Plumber

Yet tankless water heaters can be the perfect no maintenance setup for smaller homes and condo living where the demand for hot water will be a whole lot smaller.

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