5 Common Causes of Toilet Clogs

Sacramento Clogged ToiletIt is inevitable and common for a toilet to clog up. It is frustrating when it happens. Fortunately, most toilet clogs can be fixed. It is rare for a clog to be permanent. However, it is common to have to call for a plumber in order to fix the clog.

Too Much Toilet Paper

This is the most common cause of a clog in the toilet. It is also the easiest problem to fix. When you throw too much toilet paper into the toilet and flush it, it will cause a clog in the toilet bowl. All that is needed when that occurs is a plunger. The clog is normally taken care of with a couple of plunges in the bowl. Afterwards, the water is flowing smoothly again. In order to prevent this problem from happening again, flush smaller amounts of toilet paper down the bowl.


If hair gets flushed down the toilet bowl, it could collect somewhere and clog up the toilet. Any hair from a human or an animal can clog up a toilet. If you normally flush hair down the toilet, you may want to rethink your way of disposing of hair because if the toilet gets clogged as a result of hair getting flushed down the bowl, then you are going to need the help of a professional plumber in order to get the toilet flowing again.

Accidental Flushing

Let’s face it, accidents happen. There are times when certain random objects are going to get flushed down the toilet. This is especially the case when there are children in the household. Certain things like toys, clothes and even money can get flushed down. Of course this would result in a clog. The only way to actually remove the clog of such items is to snake the toilet bowl.

Feminine HygieneSacramento Plumber

Products such as tampons and sanitary napkins can definitely cause a lot of clogging in the toilet. It is important to avoid flushing those products down the bowl. Some of the napkins have linings that are made of plastic. As a result, they will not dissolve in the bowl. The best way to take care of a clog is to call a professional plumber to look into it and snake the drain.


Sometimes a freshener can fall into the toilet and get accidentally flushed down there. This is another case where you are going to need to snake the drain in order to remove the clog.

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