Plumbers Recommended Technique Of How To Unclog A Sink

Don’t Let Clogs Go Unfixed

You go to the bathroom sink to brush your teeth like you do every morning, and you notice that none of the water will go down the sink. You keep running the water in hopes that it will eventually go down, but instead of an empty sink, you have a sink filled with water mixed with the toothpaste residue that you just spit in the sink.

Sacramento, CA draincleaning_720Not only is it gross, but the water is seeping out so slowly that it stays clogged up in the sink for hours.

You have a clog, so now what do you do? You can call a plumber to get your Sacramento home sink unclogged, but the fact is, many want to try to fix the clog on their own before ever calling a plumber. So you may wonder, what would a plumber do to fix the clog?

Fixing A Clog

Please note that not every clog can be taken care of without a plumber, but there’s nothing wrong with giving it the old college try. A plumber would fix a clog by doing several things, but it’s very likely that they will end up using the snake in the drain to get rid of the clog much quicker.

There are a few methods that can be useful when trying to get rid of a clog, such as checking the P-trap, and make sure that the P-trap is clean and flowing freely.

If the P-trap is checked and the clog is still present, then snaking the drain, plunging the drain, or using a chemical drain cleaner can also fix the problem with the clog. Not every clog will be fixed by these methods, but they are definitely something that a plumber would try.

Plumbers Are The Best Choice For The Job

A plumber is very useful to fix any kind of clog in a Sacramento home, especially clogs that have to deal with the kitchen sink. Kitchen sinks can have very significant clogs, and some sinks will have a garbage disposal unit, so that makes it even harder to unclog the kitchen sink by yourself.

Calling out a plumber can hasten the unclogging of a drain, which then can allow you to get back to using the drain as normal. Significant clogs that no remedy is helping, it’s something that a plumber should deal with directly, especially if you want clear drains.

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