Impact Of Recent Water Heater Regulations

All Sacramento water heaters must comply with the most recent Department of Energy (DOE) efficiency regulations. These new standards won’t cause a noticeable difference in water heaters under 55 gallons and will provide an increase in their efficiency. This is according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). Depending on the technology used for the waters heater, an average homeowner could save as much as 50 percent on their utility bills.

Sacramento, CA Water Heater ServicesDesign Impact

The 2015 DOE efficiency mandate increases Energy Factor (EF) ratings on all residential water heaters. This includes tankless, electric, gas and oil fired. These new regulations have impacted water heater design, testing, manufacturing as well as installation and distribution. Customers, installers as well as wholesalers and manufacturers have experienced changes as a result of these new regulations.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas models must now have increased insulation. They must also incorporate advanced flue baffling technology. Electronic ignitions now must also be used instead of a standing pilot or a combination of the two. The size of gas water heaters will also increase, especially when it comes to diameter. Should a water heater be over 55 gallons, it must utilize line voltage and a method of condensate disposal.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric models also require an increase in their insulation. Doing this will result in the height or diameter of an electric water heater increasing. There may also be a need for additional insulation to be used with the fittings and piping. This could include TP valves and a drain. An electric water heater over 55 gallons will need to have integrated heat pumps to meet the new EF regulations.

Oil Fired Water Heaters

These models require additional insulation and a newly designed combustion systems.

Tankless Water Heater

Most models of tankless water heaters currently meet the new DOE efficiency standards.


When a homeowner is replacing their water heater, and their new one is less than 55 gallons, it may be only a few inches larger. It should be able to fit in the same place as the old one without too much trouble. If a person is getting a water heater that is over 55 gallons, they may have to figure out a way to get more space. The new standards are anticipated to increase the efficiency of water heaters by an average of four percent. Before anyone purchases a water heater at 55 gallons or larger, they should discuss it with a Sacramento plumber or contractor.

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