Problems Occur When Plumbing Inspections Aren’t Performed

You know that if you never conduct any maintenance on the plumbing in your home that you will have one problem after another, even if it takes years for the problems to develop. No matter what home you live in, your plumbing can give you problems, so why is it that most people don’t think about getting plumbing inspections when they want to buy a new home?

home-for-saleSome may feel that getting a plumbing inspection is just an added expense that they don’t need, but the plumbing problems that they may find may also add additional costs that they don’t want and can do without.

Many problems can be found later on if a plumbing inspection isn’t performed, such as difficulties with the main sewer line. Toilet problems, pipe problems, drain problems, water heater problems, and challenges with the water itself can all plague the home and not be discovered until after the person has moved in, especially if they neglected to get a plumbing inspection.

No matter what the cost is for a plumbing inspection, consider it an investment, especially when you want your new home to be functioning at its highest level. You can have plumbing that works great with no problems if you only choose to get an inspection ahead of time.

A Problematic Plumbing Story

A couple had just purchased a home and noticed that they had clogs throughout the home, and the clogs are pretty frequent. The couple had only lived in the home for less than a month when they noticed the constant clogs, and they decided to call out a plumber to check the problem. The plumber was able to determine that the problem was coming from the main sewer line, and they were able to dispose of the sewer line, but more problems were in existence.

The sewer line was examined with an internal camera that helped the plumber to determine that there was excessive deterioration of the line, and the line would need replacement if they were going to avoid any more problems. More clogs were going to happen if the line wasn’t replaced, but what was worse was the fact that it was possible for the line to collapse completely, which would cost them a lot more money.

The couple chose to get the work done to repair the line because they didn’t want to pay the higher amount of money later to fix the problem when it could be avoided. The pipe had to be relined, and unfortunately, they had to dig very deep under the home to reach the pipe, which ended up being costly.

The problem was eventually fixed, but the couple agreed that neither one of them would have bought the house had they known that such a problem existed, but this was a learning experience for both of them. Having this experience also led the couple to determine that they would get regular maintenance on their pipes and drains every year to make sure they didn’t have clogs that would end up being costly later on.

checking-a-water-heaterWater Heater Check

One major part of an inspection that’s conducted by a plumber should be a check on the water heater. A water heater that functions correctly should always give enough hot water to the home, whether it’s a tankless water heater or not.

Most water heaters will hold up to 50 gallons of water at a given time and will allow each person in the home to take a hot shower, especially if they limit their hot showers to 5-10 minutes each. A water heater can function correctly for years, even if it isn’t regularly maintained, but proper and regular maintenance is best if you want your water heater to always work properly.

Let the plumber check the water heater during the inspection, and they’ll be able to determine if the water heater can last for many more years or if a replacement is needed. Since a water heater has at least one decade of usability, many people can move in and out of the house within a ten year period and still use the same water heater.

Leaks are a major problem that should be checked for as well as any cracks and damage that the heater may have. As long as the water heater functions correctly, then nothing needs to be done to it after the inspection is finished.

Toilet Check Within Your Home

checking-for-hot-waterEven if the home has a single toilet, it needs to be monitored, but multiple toilets in a house should all be examined as well. Toilets can easily give problems because water runs through them on a regular basis so that leaks may be a problem.

It’s also possible that a toilet has a leak at the base of it, which may allow the smell of waste to permeate the room, meaning that the toilet may need to be sealed to the floor or replaced entirely.

A leaking toilet can be fixed, especially if the flapper alone is the problem, but make sure the wax ring as well as the bolts on the base of the toilet are still secure and holding the toilet in place.

Water Discoloration Check

Having discolored water can be dreadful for a home, especially if the water is very dark. Discolored water can easily be found in homes that have plumbing that hasn’t been turned on in a long time or if the plumbing is ancient. Allow the plumber to tell you if the plumbing needs to be replaced completely to get rid of the discolored water or if there is a break in the line somewhere that’s drawing in soil that’s coming out through the faucets.

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