Why Flushing Regular Wipes Will Clog Your Drains

America has a love affair with wet wipes. They’re amazing. Open up the package and you have a moistened towel that can be used for so many different purposes. When you’re cleaning the kitchen, you can find disinfectant wipes. If you are busy wiping down the bathroom and you don’t want to use a pile of cleaning products, you probably have some more disinfectant wipes on hand. Many people use baby wipes for the same purposes. Then there are the wipes that are meant for sanitary purposes. Wipes aren’t just for babies anymore.

Adults of all ages have discovered the wonder of wiping themselves down with wipes for a refreshing sense of cleanliness. This is all well and good. Wipes are a wonderful thing. The problem is how people are handling their wipes.

Sacramento, CA DIY-wet-wipes-1Your toilet is not a trash compactor or a trash can.

Think about what you usually send down your toilet. The only thing that is intended to be flushed is toilet paper. Have you ever noticed that even regular toilet paper can cause a problem and lead to drain cleaning problems or toilet repair? Overload your toilet and you could be headed for a clog. That’s why you need to be sparing your toilet paper or flush often if you need to use a lot at any one time. You have to watch what you send down the drain.

Sanitary products, such as tampons and sanitary pads, cannot go down the drain. They have been designed to be extremely absorbent and they swell with moisture. The next thing you know, your pipes will not allow anything to pass through. The same can be said if you flush hair or any other objects down the drain that were not intended for flushing. Those wipes that you love shouldn’t be flushed either.

There’s a Reason it Says Flushable

Look at the labels for various types of wipes. You’ll see that some brands are clearly marked as flushable. Otherwise, they will have a symbol and clear markings that say you should not flush them. Flushable wipes are made from a material that is intended to disintegrate after it has been flushed. Regular wipes, whether they are baby wipes or wipes intended for household cleaning, do not have the capability to be flushed. They are made of an absorbent material.

When it comes to baby wipes, in particular, they have been designed to provide comfort when they are used on delicate, baby bottoms. Flimsy wipes that flush easily may not do a good job in keeping your baby clean. You need to take great care with reading all packaging before you flush it down the drain.

Otherwise, plan on drain cleaning in your near future and the possibility of toilet repair.

Too Much of a Good Thing Can Lead to Trouble

Believe it or not, even those flushable wipes are not all they are cracked up to be. When it comes to major cities like New York City, they have been running into big problems with their sewer plants. In many cases, they are dealing with blockages that are due to the major increase in the use of flushable wipes or any type of wipe. You can imagine what those wipes could do to your own pipes if they do not break down the way that the company promises.

The best thing you can do with flushable wipes is use them on occasion rather than flush them all the time. Better yet, dispose of them in the trash so that you don’t run into issues with your pipes.

Sacramento, CA DIY-wet-wipes-2Why can’t you flush regular wipes?

Flush regular wipes and you might as well toss your washcloth down the toilet while you are at it. Regular wipes are a type of material that are extremely absorbent. When something is absorbent, it will keep on swelling with more water. Send it down your plumbing and that material will keep taking on more moisture.

The other issue is the fact that regular wipes are not made from a material that will disintegrate easily. Send it down your drain and it will sit there like a lump.

The more wipes you send down the drain, the bigger that lump will grow until you get to the point that nothing is going down anymore.

If your water won’t go down the drain, then it’s going to come back up.

You’ve seen what happens when your sink is clogged. The water won’t go down the drain. It’s a nuisance and you need to clean out the blockage so you can send water down the pipes again.

When it comes to a blockage in your toilet, you’ve got a much bigger problem. Not only will the water and waste not go down, there’s a good chance that you will see an overflow in your bathroom. It’s a major hassle and you can’t use your toilet until you remedy the problem. Your plunger and drain cleaner aren’t going to fix this issue. You need to bring in the heavy hitters, the professionals who make plumbing their business.

Call a plumber when you have a wipe catastrophe.

If you have a clogged toilet and you have been sending those wipes down the drain, you know the source of your problem. You need to take care of that problem before more damage is done. Whether you need toilet repair or drain cleaning services, a plumber is your go-to source to save the day.

For service you can trust in Sacramento, CA, contact VanGo Rooter at (415) 779-0009 to cut your problem down the size. Remember, no more flushing those wipes to keep your toilet working.