How To Drain Your Water Heater

Get The Water Heater Drained

You must have your water heater drained each year to maintain it, but mostly to keep it clean on the inside. Once old water is drained out, then it’s rinsed out, and new water can be put in.

Sacramento, CA water-heater-servicesThe new water won’t be sitting on top of sediments and buildup that has gathered within the water heater, so draining the water heater each year is a great idea.

There are no drawbacks to draining the water heater, and it’s even possible to preserve the drained water by saving it to use it for watering plants or other uses around the Sacramento home.

Turn Off

When the process of draining the water heater is started, certain things need to be turned off. The electricity must be turned off, or the gas must be turned off, depending on if it’s a gas heater or an electric heater.

After the power source to the water heater is turned off, and then it’s necessary to turn off the cold water valve for the water heater. The valve should be located on the top portion of the water heater.


It’s then necessary to connect the hose to the drain valve, whether the hose is going to dump the water down the drain or into some type of container to conserve the water for later use.

Connecting a hose is the best choice because the hose can handle the hot water and can keep it from burning a person when it’s coming out of the drainage valve.


The water heater will start to drain once a hot water valve is turned on in the Sacramento home and after the drain valve is opened. The water may take a while to drain because it’s likely to be 40 gallons or more in the tank.

After drainage, then rinse and repeat by adding additional water and letting it drain out of the heater. Once the second set of water is drained, then the heater is good to go.

Get A Plumber To Your Home

Having a plumber drain your water heater means they’ll do more than just draining it but will also check several parts of the heater, including the rods to make sure the water heater has no additional problems. Utilize a plumber any time you need water heater maintenance.

Fantastic plumbers can drain your water heater at VanGo Rooter by calling (415) 779-0009 to get your water heater serviced in the Sacramento area.