A Tankless Water Heater May Be Ideal!


Sacramento PlumberMany families need to establish a staggered schedule for showering to make sure everyone has their turn with the hot water. A tankless hot water heater, also called an instantaneous or demand water heater, can eliminate the generations old risk of one frustrated family member making it halfway through the shower only to find himself standing in a rapidly cooling stream of water with a head full of shampoo suds.

Not too many years ago, a tankless hot water heater would have raised more than a few skeptical eyebrows, but as time passes, they are becoming more accepted and even more the norm.

Unlike the storage tank water heaters, a tankless system heats up only the water that is needed, when it is needed. Burners, with more power than the tank style heater, rapidly heat up water as it moves through the heat exchanger.


There are many reasons to consider a tankless water heater for your home.

• Hot water flows continuously when needed, with no risk of running out of hot water. The average tankless system can produce hot water at the rate of two to five gallons per minute.

• You can save money with a more energy efficient tankless system. Because hot water is used only when needed, and not held in a tank on standby, it uses and wastes less energy. An Energy Star® endorsed system is estimated to save the average family 100 plus dollars a year. What’s more, they have a longer life expectancy than traditional tanks, which means a longer warranty.

• The compact tankless unit saves space. As there is no hot water being stored there is no need for a tank in which to store it. Saved space that can be put to good use is a valuable commodity in a family home.

• A tankless system can serve many purposes. It can provide hot
water a distance from the original heating system, perhaps for a poolside shower. It can also give a little boost to a hot water system that does not meet the family needs.

 InstallationSacramento Tankless Water Heater

A professional has the knowledge to help you select the appropriate heater for your needs. He will know of and have the ability to accommodate any local installation regulations, and perform an installation properly and safely.

Last, he will be able to answer questions you may have at the time of installation, or at a later time. In all, he will give you peace of mind and allow you to simply enjoy the benefits of your new system.


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