10 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom


Sacramento Bathroom RemodelingHaving an appealing bathroom can really make a difference in its atmosphere. This is especially important when having guests over. Here are 10 great ways to remodel and improve a bathroom.

Deep Clean

Tile grout, tile surfaces, walls and more can become stained with dust. Performing a deep clean on these areas will bring them back to brand new.

Cleaning Grout

There are a number of methods that clean grout. Unfortunately, using homemade techniques is hardly effective. There are plenty of professionals that will thoroughly clean grout without breaking the bank.

Changing Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan is a very important part of a bathroom. However, these fans can become clogged with dust and worn out. Replacing an exhaust fan will improve both the looks and functionality of a bathroom.

Replacing Toilet Seat and Lid

Both toilet seats and lids can become filthy. Replacing these items can seriously improve the looks of a bathroom. They come in various designs and colors that fit many different tastes.

Replacing Shower Head

Shower heads can become rusted and cracked, causing water to not flow properly. There are many different designs of shower heads on the market today.


A high-quality faucet compliments a well designed bathroom. There are many faucets that are far more convenient than ones that a person may already have. Old faucets have the nasty tendency to leak.


At times, tile can become so worn out that it’s more practical to replace it than refurnish it. Having good tile is probably the biggest factor when it comes to improving a bathroom.

Wall Paint

The color of a wall dramatically affects the look and feel of a bathroom. Aside from different colored paints, there is a variety of designs that one can choose from.


Although it makes a difference, simply changing light bulbs isn’t enough to effectively affect the look of a bathroom. Having the right light-bulb cover plays a more important role.

New VanitySacramento Plumber

Similar to wall paint and tile, a new vanity can make a world of difference when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. There are many different designs, shapes, sizes and colors available. Plus, one can accommodate limited bathroom space with a smaller vanity.

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