Five Easy Ways to Cut Water Usage

Water conservation is on the minds of countless individuals. Not only does conserving water help the environment, but it can also significantly reduce the cost of water utilities.

Sacramento, CA Water-Usage-ServicesThe problem is knowing where to start. Plumbing is complicated, which means that simple solutions for water conservation are often few and far between.

Below are five easy ways to cut water usage.

1. Remedy Leaks

Leaks tend to develop when plumbing has been neglected or when traumatic events, such as cold weather, affect pipes. These problems are the type that will often grow while wasting more water than they did the previous day.

Have a professional plumber inspect your Sacramento home plumbing system for leaks. Even small problems like improperly sealed joints can grow into large leaks, which in turn increase your water usage.

2. Opt for Showers

Baths require you to use about 30 gallons of water to fill them. Showers use about 20 gallons per ten minutes, which in turn means that opting for showers can reduce your water usage.

The key to keep in mind with this is that you need to time your showers. Long, steamy showers may increase your Sacramento home water usage, especially if they take more than ten minutes.

3. Install Water-Efficient Toilets

By opting for a more efficient toilet, you can cut your water usage. There are multiple ways to incorporate a more efficient toilet.

A plumber can install a flush valve that allows you to conserve water. It can use a lower amount of water to flush non-solid waste, which in turn can cut the water used by your toilet by as much as half.

4. Use a Sprinkler System to Water

Sprinkler systems are often more efficient when it comes to watering plants. They can be set for predetermined amounts of time. The sprayers can saturate the ground and plants more efficiently than hand watering.

Sprinkler systems are something that should be done professionally. They may leak, break or rupture when installed improperly. This could negate the water savings your system should give you.

5. Clean Your Drains

When drains become clogged, most people opt to use more water to unclog them. This can lead to a heightened amount of water consumption.

By having your drains cleaned on a regular basis, you can cut your water usage. This tip can apply to bath and sink drains, toilets, and any other plumbing fixture.

Put savings in your pocket this month by cutting the water usage in your Sacramento, CA home. Call VanGo Rooter today at (415) 755-7405, and see how much you can save this month.