3 Bathroom Trends to Watch for in 2016

When it comes to a Sacramento home’s bathroom, the emphasis today is on style and relaxation. As a result, many of the current design and remodeling trends are focused on helping people achieve just that.

In many cases, people have decided they want their bathroom to provide a spa-like experience, and have incorporated many of the most modern features available into their bathrooms.

Sacramento, CA 2016 Bathroom Annual TrendsFor others, it’s all about convenience and efficiency, such as installing fixtures and toilets that use as little water as possible.

Whichever type of bathroom you prefer, there is definitely something in 2016 that can provide you with the ultimate bathroom.

To find out more about the top trends of 2016, read on for some of the most popular choices people are making for their lavatories.

Heated Floors

If there is one thing that would feel great after taking a bath or shower, it would be stepping onto a floor that was warm. While that used to be noting but a fantasy, today’s bathrooms have made that a reality by having heated floors installed.

In addition to being much more comfortable, they also serve a useful purpose by drawing out the moisture and humidity left behind by the bath or shower, which helps to cut down on mold and mildew forming.

Open Shelving

While today’s bathrooms in your Sacramento are being made more comfortable, they are also coming with much-needed storage space. One of the biggest trends for 2016 is expected to be open shelving, which will allow towels and other items to be stored much more easily and well within reach if needed.

Freestanding Tubs

Rather than having the traditional built-in bathtub, many people are opting to design their bathrooms with freestanding tubs instead. Allowing for more flexibility when it comes to remodeling, freestanding tubs can be placed in numerous spots within the bathroom.

In fact, many people choose to put the tubs inside the shower area, giving them the best of both worlds while also maximizing space.

No matter which of these trends you prefer, it’s clear bathrooms in 2016 will be undergoing extensive changes. If you want to turn your Sacramento, CA bathroom into a modern showplace of style, please call VanGo Rooter at (415) 755-7405.