The History of the Toilet

Sacramento Toilet RepairWe tend to take the toilet we use every day for granted. Not everyone has such a luxury, and we wouldn’t have either, if it hadn’t been for the innovative societies that paved the way for our modern plumbing systems. In honor of all the people before us that worked to make this luxury and level of sanitation possible, we give you the history of the toilet.

Ancient Civilizations

The toilet is believed to have originated in the Indus River Valley around the 3rd Century BCE. That was a long, long time age, and what they used as toilets were, needless to say, quite different from what we use today. The Sumatrans, Egyptians, and Greeks of the ancient world had high concentrations of people residing in large cities, so something had to be done about sewage. Sacramento Plumber

Unfortunately sanitary innovations were far from perfect, and often were reserved for members of the elite. With virtually no middle class in these early societies, toilets were few and far between.

The Industrial Revolution

Later societies like that of Renaissance England used less than sanitary methods of waste disposal, like merely dumping waste onto the streets. As you could imagine, this caused disease to spread at an alarming rate as cities’ populations grew. By tail end of the Renaissance, the flush toilet had been invented, but didn’t get used (not even by the upper classes) until Thomas Crapper reinvented it in the early 19th century. And yes, that is indeed his real name.

Due to environmental issues and an increasing concern about sanitation and accessibility, toilet technology is rapidly advancing. The toilet as we know it may change, and what we use today will be a mere stepping stone in plumbing history.

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