How to Prevent a Garbage Disposal Disaster on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is for Christmas parades followed by feasting, football, and family fun. Black Friday is for shopping. No one wants to spend those days waiting for a plumber to fix the garbage disposal, but year after year, many people do. According to the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractor’s Association, Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for plumbers as well as retailers, not just in Sacramento, but all over the country. Black Friday plumbing calls are 50 percent higher than on an average Friday, and calls over the extended Thanksgiving weekend are 21 percent higher than other weekend periods.

If you don’t want to be one of those people calling the plumber instead of calling the play the coach should have made or grabbing the bargain that will make everyone jealous, there are ways to avoid Thanksgiving garbage disposal disasters.

Sacramento, CA Garbage Disposal ServicesEverything in the Proper Order — Water, Disposal, Food, Disposal, Water

First, turn on a steady stream of water. Next start the disposal. Then, put the food in the disposal, but read on to learn what foods should never go into your disposal. When the disposal is clear, turn it off and then turn off the water. Never start the disposal before running the water, and never put food in the disposal before running the disposal.

If It Can Clog Your Arteries, It Can Clog Your Pipes

Fats, oils, and grease may be liquid when you pour them down the disposal, but when they reach a bend, they settle, cool, and solidify to cause a clog. Pour fats, oils, and grease into one of the cans or jars you’ve emptied while preparing your Thanksgiving meal or soak them up with paper towels and throw the jar, can, or towels in the garbage.

If it’s Tough or Mushy for You to Chew, It’s Tough or Mushy for Your Disposal, Too

Fibrous, stringy, starchy, or pulpy foods are tough for your disposal to grind up well enough to prevent a clog. Think how long it takes for you to chew a raw carrot or a piece of celery during your Thanksgiving feast. In addition to carrots and celery, don’t give your disposal a tough time with small bones, poultry or potato skins, lemon or orange rinds, stringy rhubarb, or fruits that are pulpy or that can be mashed into thick clump too heavy for water to flush away.

Take care of your Sacramento disposal this Thanksgiving, and be thankful you did.

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