Top 3 Water-Wasting Appliances in Your Home and What You Can Do To Reduce Your Water Use

You love the nice smell of fresh clothes, the ability to have hot water and to take a shower. However, did you every think about the amount of water that you waste each time you use one of these devices?

Sacramento Water Conservation ServicesEverybody is conserving energy and water these days. You can also save by implementing a few simple practices into your routine.

The Washer Keeps Clothes Clean, But Uses a Lot of Water Doing It

Your washer is essential for keeping the clothes clean. Using hot water is a double whammy on the electric bill. Washing in hot water causes the water heater to kick in to help with the load. Did you know that most clothes can be washed in cold water and have the same outcome? Hot water doesn’t do anything special for your clothes. If you insist on hot water for your washing, try to stick to using it only on the white loads.

The new energy efficient washers use about ¼ of the water of the old-fashioned style. Your water bill can drastically reduce simply by the gallons of water that are used to wash your clothes. If you don’t have an energy efficient unit, it will more than pay for itself in savings.

Water Consumption of The Hot Water Tank

The water tank affects so many aspects in the home. To conserve on both energy and water, turn the temperature down on the tank. To avoid contamination, the tank should be set no lower than 140 degrees. It can save up to 20 percent on your water consumption just by dialing it down a bit. Try doing more things without hot water and the savings can increase.

The Shower Could Be Far More Efficient

The shower is one of the areas where water is wasted the most. Those who love to take 30-minute showers are draining the hot water tank, using tons of water and waiting electricity. 10 minutes is the ideal shower. Set a timer to help with keeping bathing times to a minimum. Also, you can install a water reducing shower head to help regulate the water. These products are inexpensive and can add major savings to your water consumption.

By making just a few changes, it is easy to have great results. Don’t worry about turning back the water tank or taking shorter showers, soon you won’t even notice the difference. Teaching children how to conserve from an early age will only increase their knowledge about Mother Nature and the preservation for the next generation.

Now more than ever, conservation doesn’t require a lifestyle change! Call the professionals of VanGo Rooter at (415) 755-7405 to see how easy it is to conserve water in your Sacramento, CA home.