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Toilet Repair Installation Services in Sacramento, CA

Clogged toilets pose a great disturbance in most homes. It is an unsightly issue that results in still waste waters that may be hazardous to the health of the members of your household. At VanGo Rooter our plumbing services offer solutions to all your toilet clog problems. Call us today and get your toilet clog solved by our highly qualified professionals quickly and completely at pocket- friendly costs. Trust us for superior toilet repair and installation services.

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What are the main causes of toilet clogs?

Toilet clogs occur for many reasons, some of the main causes include:

  • Toilet paper. Excessive use of toilet papers is the major cause of toilet clogs. Flushing vast amounts of toilet paper at once can result in clogging of the toilets.
  • Mineral buildup. Minerals and compounds in your water, especially hard water, can also lead to toilet clogging. The small deposits accumulate in the pipe and can become large enough over time to clog your toilet.
  • Strange objects. Objects such as hair, soaps, toys, feminine products, and at times even tree roots can block the water flow in your toilet’s pipes.
  • Main drain issues. Clogs can also occur in the central sewer drain that all pipes connect to. The clog arises due to several reasons as the pipe receives waste from sink drains, the toilet drain, and the shower drain.

If you experience toilet clogs, do not hesitate to contact our professional plumbers.

What are professional solutions?

The issues related to toilet clogs may prompt you to try sorting out the problem yourself using plungers. Though they can help, it is important to call our professional plumbers to fix the problem for you using professional methods and tools. On arrival, we first investigate the clogging problem to determine the right method of repair. We may also use cameras to inspect the toilet drain and determine the seriousness and severity of the toilet clog.

We will use the plumbing snake or auger, a piece of flexible wire that is fed down into the toilet drain. It will go into the drain and push out all obstructions in the drain.

In removing larger clogs, we may also use a hydro jet machine that can easily cut through and remove built-up mineral deposits and obstructions causing toilet clogs.

What are some easy tips to avoid toilet clogs?

Preventing clogs helps in keeping your plumbing system in good shape. You will avoid problems of leaks and burst pipes that usually result from clogs. If you want to avoid future clogs, apply these preventive measures.

  • Avoid using too much toilet paper at once. Though toilet papers are soft, they don’t dissolve instantly, therefore using too much of it at the same time could cause your toilet to clog.
  • Be sure not to flush foreign objects like hair, soaps, toys, feminine products, or paper towels down your toilet.
  • Avoid flushing dental floss and latex products down your toilet.
  • Always keep the toilet lid closed and ensure that they aren’t any objects near the toilets that kids can easily drain down the toilet.

If you follow these simple tips and contact our professional plumbing services, you can be rest assured that the plumbing system in your home will be effective and efficient.

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