Shower & Bathtub Replacement, Installation, & Repair Services

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Shower Tub Installation Repair Services in Sacramento, CA

How does your shower or tub look these days? If they’re brand new, then you probably have no problems, but if you’ve had them for a while, you may want to check and make sure everything is still working correctly. If you notice some problems, then you may want to call someone. That’s what the professionals at VanGo Rooter are here to do. Any problems with your tub or shower, we can fix it. Count on us for exceptional Sacramento shower and tub installation and repair services. We strive to deliver services that are precise, thorough, and excellent. Schedule your consultation with us today.

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What are signs you need to replace your tub or shower?

Sometimes, people are not sure when their shower or tub is need of replacement. It is important to be mindful of the signs that is replacement is in order.

For example, have you noticed any leaky water around your tub? If that’s the case, that means the pipes behind the shower wall could be leaking. Leaks like this can cause severe damage and fixing it requires breaking into the wall. Only certified professionals like us should handle that type of project.

Another sign to look for is poor water pressure. If the volume of water is low, that could mean the pipes are corroding. Pipes can degrade causing the water volume to decrease. This problem is usually fixed by a full pipe replacement.

What plumbing codes and regulations should be considered?

Here at VanGo Rooter, we abide by all plumbing codes and regulations. These are to insure that items get installed properly and with safety always in mind. We take into consideration these codes when installing any type of fixture or doing any testing. These tests can consist of water, air, or smoke.

A few of the regulations that we follow deal with the pitch and directions of drainage piping. If there is any tunneling or trenching that needs to be done, we follow all the safety requirements. We want the job done as efficient and safely as our clients do.

Why should you hire a professional?

Many people think they can do the job themselves to save money, but in the long run, you can save money by hiring a professional. If something goes wrong while fixing a fixture on your own, more damage can be caused, requiring more money to be paid when you do get around to calling a plumber.

We are fast and efficient at what we do because we have the education and the proper tools to complete installations the proper way. Whatever needs to be fixed, we can get to it right away because we have had years of experience. Not only do we handle plumbing problems, but we can do inspections to make sure everything is in good form. That way, you won’t ever have to think about fixing something yourself.

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