Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

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Sewer Line Repair Services in Sacramento, CA

If you have problems with drains and clogged toilets in your home, it is likely your lateral sewer line is blocked. At VanGo Rooter our plumbers will identify the blockage and solve your blocked sewer line problem using a variety of techniques. We will help you maintain the safety and comfort of your home, while making sure the problem does not lead to costly damage and repairs.

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What causes sewer line problems?

There are a variety of reasons for sewer line blockages and when a blockage does occur, it causes the waste sewage to back up and can lead to overflow inside or outside the home. Some common reasons for sewer line blockages include:

  • Intrusion from tree roots.
  • Calcification.
  • Build up of hardened grease.
  • Old sewer lines.
  • Damage due to earth movements.

What are signs your sewer line needs repair?

Some of the common signs of sewer line blockage include back up of waste to drains and toilets in the home. It’s fairly easy to identify whether you have a sewer line blockage as all your plumbing fixtures will back up, with toilets being the first major identifying factor. If you do suspect you have a blockage, you can try filling the tub and check out whether the water drains away.

Where you know a sewer line blockage has occurred, you should stop using your home’s plumbing until the problem has been rectified. Continued use of plumbing fixtures will just lead to further back up of waste water, which will eventually cause damage within the home.
What are professional methods of repair?

Your plumbers will use sewer cameras to identify just where your blockage has occurred and can offer a variety of methods to cure the problem and clear the blockage. Descaling will remove calcification while root killing compounds will destroy any tree roots that have damaged your sewer line.

Where your sewer line is simply blocked by debris and dirt, your plumbing professionals can use a high pressure jet wash to flush out the system. Damaged pipework will need replacing and when sewer lines have aged to the point where repair is impractical, you may need a complete new sewer line fitting. Your plumber will discuss all these issues with you at the time of inspection.

How do you prevent future problems?

Scheduling an annual plumbing inspection will help you identify problems that may occur in the future while preventing costly mishaps. Of course, it is not possible to cover every potential emergency situation that could arise within the home environment but building a regular relationship with your local plumbers at VanGo Rooter and remaining on top of essential home maintenance does help prevent a variety of major issues.

What do you need to know before scheduling services?

When you have sewer line emergencies at home, don’t automatically jump to the conclusion you need to repair or replace your sewer line. As previously discussed, it could just be a simple blockage that can be easily cleared out with a sewer jet. Our professional team at VanGo Rooter will accurately identify the reason for your sewer line blockage and offer you the best options for solving the problem, along with tips to help you ensure it does not become a regular occurrence.

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