Hydrojetting Services

Can’t seem to solve your clogged drain problem with regular drain cleaning solutions? We recommend hydrojetting. VanGo Rooter is your hydrojetting expert dedicated to making sure you receive a thorough service that removes all manner of stubborn debris in your plumbing lines. Call us today at (877) 826-4690 for your free estimate. Click here to access our online discounts and specials.

Hydrojetting Services in Sacramento, CA

Clogged drains and blocked sewer lines are some of the major causes of property damage, and if not addressed promptly, a health hazard as well. Such problems not only come with the inconvenience of making your premises uninhabitable, but they can also result in huge plumbing expenses over time. Fortunately, our hydrojetting cleaning method ensures a thorough cleanse that removes all stoppages to clear clogged drains of all obstructions.

You can rely on VanGo Rooter for first-rate hydrojetting services. We pride ourselves in the quality workmanship we provide at affordable rates. You can also expect long term solutions to your drainage issues.

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What is hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is basically a method we use to eliminate clogs in blocked or slow drainage pipes by blasting water at very high pressure through the affected pipes. The hydro jet machine generates a powerful blast of water reaching up to 5,000 pounds per square inch that is capable of dislodging stubborn obstacles in your sewer or drainage line.

What are the benefits of this service?

Here are some of the key benefits of using the hydro jet method:

  • Hydrojetting gives you a complete and thorough drain clean. The high pressure generated by the machine clears out all debris, leaving the pipes flowing smoothly.
  • Complete removal of residue. The method ensures clogging substances such as grease, sand, soap, mud, and ice do not form again after they are completely eliminated. Such substances often cling to the inner walls of the pipes and can hardly be reached even when using the plumbing augur.
  • Better and safer maneuverability inside the pipes. Homes with aging infrastructure and rusty old pipes can benefit from hydrojetting because, unlike other mechanical methods, the system relies on water pressure to target the blockage without damaging the pipes.
  • Health benefits. Hydrojetting ensures that your drainage system is cleared of all obstacles that can harbor harmful bacteria or cause foul odors inside the house.
  • It is the more economical option. Constant plumbing repairs or replacing entire pipes can be quite costly in the long run. Hydrojetting saves you money. Once the pipes are thoroughly cleaned, you will go for a long time without needing any drainage repairs or replacing old pipes.

When is this service necessary?

Sewer lines and domestic drains such as the one below your kitchen sink will often build up debris that eventually create a sludge matter inside the pipes. This blocks or slows down the flow of effluence from your house. Underground tree roots can also grow into the pipes, interfering with the smooth flow of draining water. This is when you absolutely need hydrojetting to clean your drain pipes.

What problems are solved through this service?

In the course of time, your sewer and drainage lines build up plenty of debris that gradually form a stubborn permanent sludge on the inner walls of the pipes. Most common causes of the type of sludge include grease, soap, sand, mud, and underground tree roots. Our professional hydrojetting service ensures that all of these types of blockages are removed even after they have accumulated for a number of years.

If you have stubborn clogs that won’t seem to go away, hydrojetting is the solution you have been looking for. Call us at (877) 826-4690 for an immediate consultation. Free estimates available.