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Emergency Plumbing Services in Sacramento, CA

Your plumbing is one of the most used systems in your home. That’s why it is important to properly care for and maintain your plumbing system so you do not experience unexpected interruptions. However, despite preventative maintenance and care, there will come a time when a plumbing emergency may arise.

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Why is a burst pipe a plumbing emergency?

Perhaps one of the most dreaded emergencies is a burst pipe. Burst pipes can lead to a raft of problems making your home completely uninhabitable. According to standard regulations, a burst pipe is considered a serious emergency for many reasons. Below are some reasons worth noting.

  • Electrocution. When a flood occurs as a result of a burst pipe, there is always a high risk of electrocution. For this reason, make sure you turn off the main power supply as soon as you notice such a problem. This can save you from possible electrocution.
  • Sewer and drainage bursts. When the water floods into the main house and all other rooms within the home, there is a risk of the sewer and drainage systems bursting as well. If this happens, there is a very high probability that you could face contamination from the sewage. This is why immediate action is recommended.

If you have a burst pipe, call us right away before further damage occurs. We offer emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day. A burst pipe pipe is a plumbing emergency that needs to be handled right away.

How do sump pumps help in resolving flooding emergencies?

Sump pumps are crucial because they can help you direct excess water away from your home and prevent extensive damage. The sump pump helps keep the water at a manageable level until you get the necessary support.
If you have converted basement into a living room or home offices, a sump pump will be essential in ensuring that any water that finds its way into the basement will be gradually pumped out to prevent overflow. Back up sump pumps will also help prevent flooding in your basement.

How can you prevent clogged toilet emergencies?

There are simple steps and procedures any homeowner can make in order to prevent a clogged toilet emergency. Be mindful of the following approaches:

  • Do not flush inappropriate items down the toilet such as wipes, grease, napkins, feminine products, etc.
  • Attempting to flush too much paper.
  • Keep the area around your toilet clear of objects as they can easily fall into the bowl and create a clog.

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