5 Plumbing Tricks That Are Actually Myths

Sacramento PlumberThese plumbing tricks are actually myths! Read all about these quick plumbing solutions that actually might be leading to more plumbing problems.

1. Lemons Clean the Garbage Disposal

Lemons smell fresh and clean. However, putting them in your disposal does not actually freshen up that metal food devourer. Yes, you may smell delicious ripened lemons but the acid from the lemons actually corrodes the metal only weakening your food guzzler’s ability to dispose of your unwanted food.

Advice: Use ice! The ice gets rid of all the nasty food build up thus eliminating old food smells.

2. Ice Sharpens Garbage Disposal Blades

Ice cleans the excess food off the blades, thus taking away the nasty smell. However, it does not sharpen the blades whatsoever.

Advice: Don’t put dense foods in your garbage disposal. Foods like, Celery, Asparagus, Lettuce, Corn Husks, Potato Skins, Banana Peels, and Bones/Shells.

3. Chemical Clog Removers Solve the Problem

Clogs happen in sinks, toilets and showers all over the country every day. Most people will run to the store, pick up a chemical clog remover, pour it down the drain, and then pray their problem is solved. Either way this clog remover has done damage to the pipe and your septic system.

Advice: Try running some hot water for a while to free up the clog. Then use a natural solution of vinegar and baking soda. If neither gets that nasty clog call a plumber!

4. Save Water, Put a Brick in your Toilet

Put a brick in the back of your toilet and you will save money. Unfortunately this brick will deteriorate causing other problem. Or, if placed incorrectly you might end up having to flush your toilet more than once to compensate for the brick dispensing the improper amount of water.Sacramento Plumbing Services

Advice: There is no brick in my toilet. Be aware of how many times you are flushing your toilet or look into a water efficient toilet.

5. Water and Soap on Bathroom Fixtures

You wash your hands with water and soap. Your hands come out fresh, clean and free of germs. Your faucet works the same way, right? Absolutely not. Soap and water left on your bathroom fixtures causes the opposite of clean, it causes dirt! Your fixtures will corrode which can look like they are peeling.

Advice: Dry your hands and then wipe down your fixtures

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