Plumbing Mistakes Can Spell Danger

Sacramento PlumberMany homeowners will choose to tackle a do-it-yourself plumbing repair at some point. It can be cost effective to handle the issues yourself, but certain mistakes can be costly, and even dangerous. Here are three of the biggest plumbing mistakes you can make, and how to avoid them.

It Runs Downhill

Most people are familiar with the phrase, “(excrement) runs down hill.” This statement is nothing short of truth when it comes to plumbing. Forgetting that fact has serious consequences.

Drainage pipes need to slope downward, approximately 1-inch per 4-feet in length. Failure to do so, or if the pipe slopes upward, leads to backups, forcing waste back toward your home, resulting in health and environmental hazards.

That doesn’t mean that your pipes should bend more than the aforementioned rate. Pipe runs making a more significant decent need to use 45 or 90 degree angle fittings, as bending the pipes cause additional strain. The strain could lead to breakage, causing various health and environmental hazards.

Mismatched Pipes Spell Disaster

There are a lot of different pipes and fittings available, some of them with what seems like very little difference to the untrained eye. Forcing pieces to fit is unwise; just because it fits tight doesn’t mean it won’t leak. When replacing broken pieces, make sure you are getting a compatible replacements, or you could be headed back to the hardware store sooner than you hoped.

You also need to get the correct adhesives to ensure a waterproof seal as some won’t bond with certain materials. There are also different materials, many of which do not play well with others. One example is galvanized pipes and copper, as this combination can lead to corrosion, which will ultimately cause a leak.

Overusing Drain Cleaner is RiskySacramento Plumbing Dangers

Speaking of corrosion, something else that can damage your pipes is drain cleaner. By the nature of what they do, many drain cleaners are highly corrosive. With the power to bust through clogs comes the power to eat holes in your metal and PVC piping as well.

This risk only increases if you tend to clog at the same point in your pipes, as the cleaner will sit at that point longer as it eats through the clog. If you are having significant issues with clogs, you may need to contact a professional to get the source identified and repaired.

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