3 Tips to Have a Better Functioning Garbage Disposal this Fall Season

Taking care of your garbage disposal is an integral part of looking after your kitchen. The garbage disposal helps you clean up after meals, drain the sink and get rid of items that you simply would not throw in the trash.

This article explains three ways you can keep your garbage disposal going, and you must ensure that you are devoted to the regimen you come up with. This list of maintenance tips will help you keep the garbage disposal in the best shape possible.

Chandler Garbage Disposal#1: Contact Your Plumber

You need to have your home looked over by the plumber once a year just for the sake of safety. Your plumber will find problems in the garbage disposal that you cannot see, and you may have those problems fixed on the spot. Any lingering problems in your garbage disposal will be reported to you, and your plumber can tell you how much longer the device will last. A status report of this kind will prevent you from losing the disposal at the worst possible time.

#2: Be Alert

You must ensure that you are dealing with bad odors quickly. Most homeowners will place a lemon slice in the disposal to get rid of a bad smell, but any bad smell that does not dissipate quickly is a deeper problem. Call your plumber for repairs when you notice the smell lingering around the sink, and do not assume a few more lemon slices will help.

#3: Do You Smell Faulty Wiring?

Faulty wiring in your garbage disposal will create a burning smell that you cannot miss, and your garbage disposal could short at any time. Having faulty wiring in the kitchen is dangerous, and the wiring could short out everything in the kitchen. Call your plumber for help with the wiring, and your plumber will replace the wiring or the disposal on your behalf. So not attempt to repair the disposal on your own, and turn off the power to the unit as soon as you can.

Avoiding trouble with your garbage disposal is a simple matter when you are aware of problems in the kitchen. A bad smell, faulty wiring and other problems must be repaired immediately. The plumber will visit you every year to check up on the device, and you will avoid much larger problems that tend to grow over the years. You may not miss the disposal today, but you will if you have no taken care of it.

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