3 Ways to Prevent a Slab Leak

Slab leaks are a somewhat common a problem with homes, as well as businesses, that do not have a fully-excavated foundation, such as a basement. If a slab leak does occur it should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid more extensive and costly repairs.

What is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak happens when pipes located inside the concrete slab foundation become compromised, through corrosion, by abrasion or water pressure levels that are excessively high. If a slab leak goes undetected, or ignored, for extended periods of time there is a real danger of the sanitation of the entire property being affected, as well as your water bill going sky high.

The expression “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” are words to live by when it comes to slab leaks, as diagnosing a leak is often difficult and typically even harder to fix. Because a slab leak can happen to even careful property owners it is important to take all the preventative measures possible to avoid a leak in your plumbing. Here are three ways to prevent a slab leak:

Sacramento, CA Plumber Appropriate Water Pressure

While lots of water pressure is great for taking showers and washing dishes by hand, high water pressure is not good for your plumbing system as it can lead to corrosion. This typically happens when the pipes of your plumbing systems are too small in diameter to handle the pressure.

To help prevent a slab leak in your Sacramento home it is imperative to maintain a water pressure appropriate for the size of your plumbing system. If you aren’t sure have your water pressure checked by a reputable plumber.

Check the Water’s PH Level

If the PH level of your water is too low or high it means the water is too soft or too hard, with both extremes being capable of corroding the insides pipes. Call a plumber to test the water PH and install a water condition to correct the PH, if necessary.

Use Chemicals with Caution

Aside from being environmentally unsound, pouring chemicals down the drain can severely damage your pipes. Dumping a bottle of drain cleaner down your bathtub drain may clear up the pain-in-the-butt clog like magic, but many drain cleaners are high caustic and will eventually damage pipes if used long term. A better solution is to have the drain and pipes professionally snaked, which will both thoroughly clear the drain and have no negative effective on the environment.

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