10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in the Sacramento home. A bathroom remodel can breathe new life into a vital space. Since most people start their mornings off in this room, having a charming space is imperative. Remodeling can be as simple as putting in new counter tops and cabinets or it can include a new shower/tub combo. Whether you want to tear the walls down and start from scratch or just give the area a face lift doesn’t matter. Transforming this vital room in your home is a smart move. Here are 10 reasons why you need to remodel your bathroom.

 Sacramento, CA bathroom remodeling1. Your Home Will be Easier to Sell

If and when you decide to put your home on the market, you may have a hard time selling if your bathroom is outdated. The pink and blue bathtubs and sinks from the 1980’s are a big issue for potential buyers. Any money you put into this space will only improve your chances of selling your home. People see outdated bathrooms as additional costs and labor; many buyers want a home that is turn-key.

2. Fix and Repair Existing Problems

There is scarcely a bathroom around that doesn’t have a broken tile or a leaking faucet. Even the best spaces are plagued with issues. Water leaks can turn into mold, which can be a huge problem. Bathroom remodeling gives you a chance to fix those problem areas and recreate your space.

3. Reconfigure Your Space For Storage

If you don’t have enough storage, remodeling can give you the space you need. If you lack cabinets and shelves, you can add them by revamping the area. If the old layout doesn’t work well for your needs, a reconfiguration can be possible during a remodel.

4. You Just Need a Change

You may have overhauled your bathroom five years ago, but you just need a change. Many people get tired of the current same old layout. If you like to jazz up spaces in your home; why not take on a bathroom remodeling project?

5. Create a Tranquil Oasis

Since this is one room that is used so much, why not turn it into your own tranquil oasis? Forget those expensive spas that charge way to much; you can put a jetted tub and spa features in your home. It doesn’t cost as much as you would think to add some of those attractive features. Creating an oasis in your Sacramento home will make this most used room in the house one of the best rooms.

6. Get an 80-125 Percent Return

Real Estate experts say that if you are going to put money into your home, you must do the kitchen and bathroom. It is estimated that any money you invest in these two vital spaces will give you a return of 80-125 percent. It’s an investment that will pay you back in dividends.

7. Special Needs

Sometimes a bathroom remodel is necessary if there is an accommodation that must be met. If a person has become disabled and needs to use a wheelchair, the old layout may not be able to accommodate them. If the old style doesn’t work due to new circumstances, then a remodel is in order.

8. The Space is Outdated

One of the biggest and best reasons to update that space is the fact that it is outdated. If you are seeing the wallpaper that your great grandmother may have had in her bathroom; you need to remodel.

 Sacramento, CA bathroom remodeling 29. Energy and Water Efficiency

A great reason to remodel a bathroom is to be more efficient. While the bathroom is not usually seen as the area that hogs most of the energy in the home; every little bit helps. You may want to upgrade your hot water heater, which can provide huge savings. Better still, switching to a tankless heater is an excellent way to save money on those long showers. Putting in new lights and adding a water saving toilet can cut down on monthly bills.

10. Because You Watch too Much TV

Most people love those television shows that give ideas on how to remodel rooms in the home. They give ideas and spark interests in people that normally wouldn’t have thought twice about their space. If you are watching too many of those television shows on how to remodel your space, you may find that you’re calling a contractor to add some of the features you saw displayed.

While most people would like to think that their home never needs to be redone, the fact is all spaces will need to be remodeled sooner or later. A contractor can come in and have your bathroom done in no time at all. Most people don’t have time to mess with a remodel on their own. They either lack the experience, the tools or the time. Having a contractor put in the bathroom of your dreams can turn this lackluster space into a gem.

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