5 Inventive Ways To Remodel Your Bathroom For The New Year

Add A Vanity

Remodeling projects can be fun, especially if you know what you want in your bathroom. Give any ideas you have to your Sacramento plumber to start the remodeling project, but if you haven’t thought about it before, then think about adding a vanity in the bathroom.

Many people, especially women, tend to get ready in the bathroom, and a vanity would be a great way to help anyone get ready much faster. A vanity should be a sitting area with a table type surface in front of it, and a mirror should also be present as well. It’s possible that the vanity will be separate from the wall, depending on the bathroom, or the vanity may be against the wall. There are many types of vanities available, so it’s up to you as a homeowner to decide which vanity would be best for your bathroom.

Sacramento, CA bathroom-remodeling-servicesChange Up The Cabinetry

If you’ve chosen to add a vanity to your bathroom, then you may also want to consider changing up the cabinets to match that vanity. If money is an issue, then you can always change up the front of the cabinets to give it a facelift as opposed to switching out the cabinets entirely.

Add A Glass Door To The Tub

A great remodeling idea is to add a glass door to a tub that also has a shower in it. Depending on the type of tub you have currently, a plumber should be able to let you know if a glass door, which slides or open out can be placed on the tub. If the glass door can be installed, then it will give your bathroom an amazing look, and you can still take a bath as normal, but showering won’t require a fabric curtain anymore because the glass door will be there instead.

Get More Towel Racks

Think about getting additional towel racks around the bathroom. Some bathrooms have as little as one towel rack, which is just not enough. Adding additional towel racks to the bathroom allows for more towels in the bathroom as well as a place to dry wet towels when they are used.

Add A Space In The Wall

Those that have the space to do it may consider cutting a space into the wall to use as a display for flowers, a painting, or for a small TV. This small additional space can be a great upgrade for any bathroom in your Sacramento home.

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