The Latest Toilet Technologies

With more people than ever before wanting comfort in their Sacramento homes, perhaps nothing has changed more in recent years than the toilet. Once looked upon as a boring bowl with no personality, today’s toilet has come a long way. In fact, technology has taken over toilets to the point that there is virtually no feature a toilet can’t have installed on it if needed.

Sacramento, CA Toilet-TechnologiesToilet features run the gamut, with everything from heated seats to dryers to massaging sprayers available to make each sit down one to remember.

To find out just what features engineers are dreaming up for the toilets of today and tomorrow, here are just a few of the most innovative technological advances.

Low-Flow, Large Flush

While new toilets use only 1.6 gallons or less of water per flush, they still have plenty of power when it comes to each flush.

That’s because engineers, through using computer simulations and mathematical computations, came up with a way to combine water line pressure and siphoning techniques to create modern toilets that are more powerful than ever.

In fact, if you decided to dump 24 golf balls into your Sacramento home toilet and give it a flush, chances are good that each and every golf ball would go through without one clog.

BP and TP

While it’s natural to have plenty of toilet paper handy near the toilet, it’s far less common to have readings for a person’s pulse or blood pressure nearby. However, bathrooms are starting to have that and much more available.

If you want a different way to spend your time while sitting there, purchase one of these toilets and watch it keep track of you blood pressure, body temperature, and other indicators of your health.

A Non-Stick Heated Seat

If you have longed for a more comfortable toilet seat over the years, your wish is about to come true. With cold toilet seats being a common complaint for many people, engineers have now designed toilets that not only have heated seats, but also have seats that are non-sticking, making the task at hand even more pleasant.

To add to the convenience and comfort, air freshening sprays and dryers are also available to keep both the bathroom and the person using it smelling fresh.

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