What are the Top 10 Plumbing Fixture Brands

Sacramento PlumberThere are hundreds of plumbing fixture brands out there that claim to be the best when it comes to manufacturing high-quality plumbing products.

So who do you trust? Well, sometimes it may be difficult to choose an ideal product that will satisfy your household needs. For that matter, we have compiled a list of the best top 10 plumbing fixture brands that have been recommended by professional plumbers and experts.

They recommend the following plumbing fixture brands as the best in the market today.

Let’s check them out:

Mill due

Mill due has been manufacturing high-end products for over three decades. They specialize in producing luxury bathroom cabinetry. In collaboration with other reputable designers such as Samuele Maza, Lino Cokato, Michelle Marcon and Alessandro La Spada, Mill due is truly a brand of style.

Mirror Image

Mirror Image offers a complete solution to all your bathroom needs i.e. A huge mirror with an integrated television set and stereo speakers. They simply redefine the mounted mirror on your bathroom wall.

EasyCare Baths and Showers

This brand specializes in quality bathroom makeovers and remodeling. Let their quality experts help you in your bathroom makeovers. Providing comprehensive advice and service in design, colors, styles and also safety tools with quality showers and bathtub made from exceptional cross-linked acrylic.


Pratesi was established in 1906. They specialize in robes and linens that can be found in the best hotels and homes in the world.


WetStyle are the manufacturers of quality bath furnishings. Each of their product is handcrafted from the beginning to the end. They also manufacture custom made products by order.

George Jensen Damask

This plumbing fixture plumbing brand uses the finest 100% cotton yarns. The combination of quality cotton yarns and long loops ensure incredible properties.

American Standard

American Standard manufactures faucets and plumbing fixtures for bath and kitchen.

Zoe Industries

They provide a full line of commercial and consumer grade plumbing fixtures and supplies for wet bar, bathroom, kitchen and other resourceful applications. Zoe industries offer extensive online catalog for their products including sinks, faucets, grab bars, tubs and hot water dispensers.

Brass Craft

Brass Craft is an affiliate of Masco Corporation and the best in the manufacture and distribution of plumbing products in America.Sacramento Plumbing Fixtures


At Elkay International, you can find water coolers, fountains, faucets and commercial and residential sink lines such as starlit made of Corian


Choose any of the above brands today for your household needs, suffer no more!

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