5 Signs You Have a Hidden Leak

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It can be tough to know whether you have a leak or not inside the walls of your home. A leak in the shower or sink can be obvious, but pipes travel through your walls undetected until there’s a major problem. How do you know if you have a leak when you can’t see the pipes? Don’t wait until a pipe bursts or causes serious water damage. If you notice these five signs, call a plumber immediately.

High Water Bill

You can see when your average water bill has increased. Usually a leak will cause a significant rise in your water bill. You can check your water meter to be sure that you have a leak, but it’s important to call a plumber if you suspect a problem.

Mold and Mildew

In the shower, you can expect some mold and mildew. If you see mold on the walls, ceiling or corners of the home, you’re looking at a leak behind that wall. When water leaks behind the wall, it can encourage the growth of mold in the dark spaces. This moist area can smell musty too. Be aware of the musty smell often associated with damp basements.

Stains and Damage

Stains and sagging, damaged walls or ceilings are an indication of a leak behind the plaster or drywall. You’ll be able to see a spreading stain that would indicate a leak. The dampness can weaken the ceiling and walls too.

Leaking Sounds

When your faucets are fixed and the toilet isn’t running, you shouldn’t hear dripping or leaking sounds in the home. If you hear a weird dripping sound, don’t assume it’s coming from outside. Have your home checked for hidden leaks.

Loose Tiles

Tiles are meant to be waterproof and the spaces are filled with grout to keep water from invading the space behind the tile. If there’s loose tiles, that means water has entered the wall behind the tile. This comes from a pipe behind the wall leaking.

Contact a plumber if you notice any of these signs since it indicates there is a hidden leak. A hidden leak could easily become a major headache inside the home.

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