Are You Ready for National Kitchen & Bathroom Month?

National Kitchen and Bathroom Month is upon us, and that means a full month of bathroom and kitchen renovation tips and promotions. The National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA) declared October to be the best month to renovate your kitchen or bathroom because it’s far enough from the holidays and close enough to school starting that it’s most convenient.

trough-sinkIf you have been looking for the best opportunity to renovate or upgrade your bathroom or kitchen, now is the time. If you’re already in the planning stage for an upgrade, consider some of these trends and tips before you commit to a change:

What are the best bathroom trends of 2016?

There’s no doubt that there have been some bad ideas when it comes to bathroom décor in the past. Wall-to-wall carpet in the bathroom comes to mind in addition to yellow hued tubs and toilets.

Luckily, we’ve moved past these questionable choices in favor of a more simple design that combines form and function in a beautiful room that’s sure to be a hit with your family. Some of our favorite bathroom trends for this year include:

  • Trough sinks
  • Heated floors and anti-fog mirrors
  • Stand-alone tubs
  • Shower seats
  • Steam showers
  • Open concept vanities and storage shelves
  • Square and rectangular faucets and fixtures
  • Other trends incorporate conservation and the environment with dual-flush toilets and faucets designed to conserve water.modern-glass-shower

How to Choose the Right Shower or Tub

When it comes to choosing between installing a new shower or tub, the decision lies with the unique preferences of the homeowner. If you are more of a shower person, invest in an amazing shower.

If you are more of a bath person, get the tub of your dreams instead. One trend is for sure; bathrooms are moving away from combining the shower and tub into one unit and making them separate focal points instead.

Top Kitchen Trends for This Year

For many homeowners, the kitchen is a hub of activity, it’s the place where guests convene, meals are prepared and the family can eat together. Ensuring that your kitchen is functional is important but so is the ambiance and vibe the design in your kitchen creates.

Trends for kitchens these days are learning to combine form and function to create beautiful and efficient kitchens. Some of the most popular kitchen trends right now include:

  • Apron sinks
  • Oversized fixtures
  • Quartz countertops
  • Commercial appliances
  • modern-kitchenModern cabinets and drawers with damping and other advanced features
  • Architecturally designed fixtures with tech features such as automation

Avoid Trends with an Expiry Date

Trends are called trends because they come in an out of style. What was fashionable 20 years ago is certainly not the standard for today.

So how do you avoid investing in trends that won’t last? The best way to avoid making a mistake with incorporating trends into your bathroom or kitchen renovation is to trust your instinct and choose components that genuinely compliment your needs and aesthetics. Don’t simply opt for a certain faucet or tub because it’s popular. Consider all the angles and make sure it will work for your unique needs at home.

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