Top 5 Plumbing Myths

Myth 1- Everything has gone down the drain, so it works fine:

Although foods that have gone down the drain or garbage disposal cannot be seen, it doesn’t mean that it’s gone for good. There are certain foods that can easily bloat and get bigger in size like rice and pasta, and eventually, this can cause a clog, which will then block the way for other types of foods to go down the drain of your Sacramento home. It’s a good idea to use a garbage disposal unit to get rid of any food as opposed to letting it go down a regular drain. It’s also necessary to do maintenance on the pipes and drains to make sure that there are no clogs.

Sacramento, CA plumbing_services_360Myth 2- I don’t need to maintain plumbing fixtures:

Anything in the world that is installed needs to have some type of maintenance, even if it’s low maintenance. Some feel that plumbing fixtures don’t need to be maintained once they are installed, but you’d be surprised at how many fixtures go bad because they have no maintenance. Whether you’re using an electric water heater, a faucet, or even a toilet, everything has some type of maintenance that it needs, and if it’s not something that you can maintain on your own, then make sure to get a plumber out to do the maintenance.

Myth 3- Once I have a plumber, I don’t have to worry:

You would think that every plumber knows exactly what they’re doing, but there are some plumbers that are not licensed, and they might just be handymen. If you want a plumber to do work in your home, you’ll want to get one that’s licensed, especially if they are installing appliances in your home.

Myth 4- Chemical cleaners are great for clogs:

Although chemical cleaners can help to get rid of clogs, they may also shorten the lifespan of your drain, pipes, and toilets. Since there are natural ways to unclog pipes, drains, and toilets, it’s better to use these methods instead of chemicals, especially since the chemicals can eventually ruin and destroy your plumbing fixtures.

Myth 5- Using a self-cleaning tablet in a toilet tank is a good idea:

It sounds like a good idea never to have to clean your toilet because a tablet is doing it for you, but these don’t necessarily clean the toilet, and the bleach tablets will corrode the tank over time, causing more problems in your Sacramento home that bad smells!

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