3 Tips for Dealing with a Constantly Running Toilet

Is your toilet running? (Then you better go catch it!) But seriously, if your toilet is running constantly, not only are you wasting water, you’re also wasting money, and your bathroom is probably annoying everyone who lives in and visits the house. Here are some tips for dealing with a running toilet, and some easy solutions that can rectify the problem.

stop your toilet from running

Tip 1: Adjust the Water Level

The float is what controls the level of water in your tank, so you can adjust the water level by raising or lowering the float. The lower the float sits in the tank, the more water it displaces, meaning there will be less water in the tank. You want the water about an inch below the top of the overflow tube. Lower the float by adjusting the screws attaching it to the arm or the column. If the float doesn’t lower on its own, push it down, and then tighten the screws back up.

Why does it work? When the water in the tank is too high, it will constantly be draining down the overflow tube and into the toilet bowl, wasting water and causing the noise.

Toilet-Repair-in-Your-HomeTip 2: Shorten the Refill Tube

Find the refill tube attaching the fill valve with the overflow tube. If the refill tube is stuck down inside the overflow tube, you need to shorten it. Pull the refill tube out and trim it so that it will sit above the overflow tube and drain down into it from up top. Clip it in place to prevent it from moving.

Why does it work? When the refill tube is down inside the overflow tube, it will be pulling water from the fill valve all the time, as though it were always flushing, and this is why the toilet won’t stop running.

Toilet-Running-in-HomeTip 3: Change out the Flapper

Buy a new flapper from the hardware store. Turn off the water to the toilet and flush it to drain the tank. Disconnect the chain attaching the old flapper to the flush valve, and remove the flapper where it’s attached to the pins on the overflow tube.

Install the new flapper by performing those same steps in reverse (connect the chain and connect the flapper to the pins).

Why does it work? When you flush the toilet, the flapper gets pulled up to open the drain connecting the tank and the bowl, and the water from the tank drains down to refill the bowl.

When the toilet isn’t flushing, the flapper stops the water from draining. But when the flapper gets worn down, it doesn’t seal properly and allows water to leak down into the bowl.

The sooner you fix your running toilet, the sooner you can get back to saving water, saving money, and having a peaceful and quiet house. VanGo Rooter in Sacramento, CA can help you with all your plumbing problems, including a running toilet. Give us a call at 415-755-7405 if you need assistance with these tips, or for seasonal maintenance, or regular and emergency repairs.